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Minsk, Belarus

Established To Deliver. Properly.

Founded in 2009, Invento Labs, formerly known as EuroATS is a one-stop shop for managed IT services.

We do not do everything, rather focusing on certain areas, developed within our Competency Labs. This Line of Business specialization enable us to offer premium services with predictable results.

For your project we will build a multi-functional team that combines resourcing from different Competency Labs to delivery your system on-time and within budget.

Dedicated Team

A virtual extension of client’s technology organization working on client-specific tasks. Inventolabs is responsible for staffing, retention, security and IP protection, information and technology infrastructure.

Scoping, Planning, Management and Delivery will be the Client’s responsibility.

Tactical Outsourcing

Project-based model focused on delivery of software products. Inventolabs will take care of all aspects of the project, from staffing to delivery.

Client will take part in scoping and planning, project management and quality assurance, and will perform final acceptance.

Shared Risk/Reward

This engagement model typically applied with trusted clients, transformation projects that have the potential to deliver significant business benefits.

Invento gives significant discount on rates and is rewarded premium bonuses on actual business value delivered.

Key values

Focus on Core Competencies

We do what we are proficient in. We believe that neither competency can be adopted overnight. If we cannot cope, we say we cannot cope. No amount of profit is worth compromising Trust.

Humble and Pro-active

We talk to clients, listen to what they say, and never push our viewpoint. Rather, based on our experience and technology expertise we identify possible risks, present it with quiet confidence and let clients make final decision.

Easy to Deal with

It’s people’s business, and people are different by definition. We carefully select contact points for our clients, so that our clients feel comfortable dealing with us. The reason is obvious- you would never like the company whose representative you dislike.

Pragmatic approach

Common sense is a cornerstone of our culture. We solve problems pragmatically, avoid over-engineering and other ‘overs’, as it doesn’t bring any value to our clients, rather, cost extra time and money.


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