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Inventolabs has become a resident of Belarus HTP
Apr 04, 2010

Inventolabs has become a resident of Belarus HTP

Upon submission of a Business Plan and passing strict government audit, Inventolabs has been admitted to join Belarus High-Tech Park as a resident.

This brings Inventolabs business to the new level. Unprecedented government support, strong links with local technical universities and colleges, and tax exceptions will facilitate the business development. “This is an important step in corporate development. We have been recognized by local government, have been found eligible and capable of enrolling in one of the most challenging government program”, – said Maxim Basharin, Managing Director at Inventolabs.

About Belarus HTP

HTP Belarus provides special business environment for IT business with incentives unprecedented for European countries. Due to the legislative initiative of the Belarus government, IT companies are exempt from all corporate taxes, including VAT, profit, real estate and land taxes. Individual income tax has a fixed rate of 9% for the employees of HTP companies. That resulted in a fast boost of IT industry in the country. For more information please visit