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Inventolabs to establish Big Data Competency
Dec 11, 2016

Inventolabs to establish Big Data Competency

With each passing day Big Data is becoming an increasingly popular technology trend but before discovering how it can work for your business, you should first understand where it comes from, what it means to you, who uses big data.
An informative answer to this and many other questions, professional consultation about big-data products and its efficient implementation the professionals of newly created Big Data competency lab will be able to give.

Especially reach for Enterprise data business areas are Banking and finance, Telecom, Media, Retail, Manufacturing, Health Care. Business decisions making and searching for strategically important opportunities for your business based on high-powered analytics of unstructed data by Business Intelligence technologies – a data-driven business culture is emerging.

To offer end-to-end enterprise data solution Inventolabs focused on the concept of three competencies (Data Warehousing- ETL- Business Intelligence), and their corresponding tools: Oracle, PostGreSQL/GreenPlum, SaS, Tableau, – these technologies we use are the final step in making big data work for your business in an effective way.

«Our competency lab has a vast range of tools and knowledge to provide full data distribution cycle: from data exploration, to data storage and visualization. This allows you to interpret big data, focusing only on the key-performance factors to achieve your business objectives and aspirations and provide businesses with a competitive market advantage. Enterprises need efficient business solutions to operate data effectively – we are ready to provide!» – said Boris Bakhvalov, Head of Big Data Competency Lab within Inventolabs.