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Inventolabs to set up “IoT Competency lab”
Jan 08, 2017

Inventolabs to set up “IoT Competency lab”

Due to the fact that the Internet of things is going stronger and gaining day to day popularity, Inventolabs has made a strategic decision to create a specialized “IoT Competency lab”.

IoT is an ecosystem that has an inexhaustible potential and a wide range of opportunities.

“The Internet of things forms everyday communication and business models. This is what makes our life easier and efficient. As a result of connecting smart devices merging of new business opportunities, breakthrough ideas and trend markets will happen.  A huge number of ideas have already been implemented; many of them will be further improved and bring even greater benefit. And our company is not an exception. A team of seasoned techies processed the idea of creation a new IoT-product, succesfully implemented and brought it to life”, – said Andrey Kureichyk, Director of strategic development at Inventolabs.


«The price of various sensors and microcontrollers is noticeably reduced with every year. Multi-core 32-bit ARM processors replace low-power 8-bit RISC controllers. Thus, final devices become “smarter” and at the same time cheaper. But without software all these devices are useless pile of iron. Especially successful software solutions not only connect diverse devices to one network, but also control the network as a single intellectual mechanism. It will allow, for example, in industry or transport sector not just automate or optimize processes but also control technical condition of machinery and vehicles that will enable to carry out maintenance on time and eliminate untimely breakdowns. As the result – consumer benefit», – added Artem Brazowsky, Head of IoT Competency Lab within Inventolabs.

The Internet of Things is already everywhere. It will transform the way we work, live and behave – change our life beyond recognition!