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Jurspectr 1 year successful project release in production!
Mar 14, 2017

Jurspectr 1 year successful project release in production!

14th of March, 2016, took place the first official project release, fully oriented and developed under the requirements of a customer company.

Jurspectr Ltd. Covered basic processes of operation of the office using an ERP system based on Odoo. At the first stage of the transition were achieved business goals and automated business processes in the following areas of the company’s activities:

  • Manage work with leads and primary sales;
  • Manage work with current clients;
  • Manage stuff book;
  • Manage customer support and Service Desk co-workers;
  • Manage internal company projects;
  • Manage new online company products;
  • Synchronization with various third-party systems in accounting and billing information.

 A year later, cooperation reached a new stage of development. There are new tasks before the team:

  • Stabilization for the purpose of ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the office;
  • The next stage in business analysis of the company’s processes with the aim for the further development and increasing efficiency through the business processes automation;
  • Provide additional training for current and new clients to participate more actively in work processes and develop skills for more professional system use;
  • Development in the direction of providing various reports in the system based on Odoo base components and specific client reports;
  • Data processing from multiple third-party systems and providing summary information to the ERP.

«After year and a half of cooperation, it was confirmed that the choice of the ERP system based on Odoo as the main platform for managing business processes of the company is accurate, correct and efficient. The customer’s initial alertness and inexperience of users were leveled during the rapid expansion of the functionality of the system and quite understandable an intuitive interface for users with different levels of computer literacy. A positive development trend of productive cooperation also expected in the future», – said Darya Kasperova, Project Manager, Senior Business-analyst at Inventolabs.