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Leveraging Technology for Life
Mar 21, 2018

Leveraging Technology for Life

Invento Labs has been invited among the leading technology companies to participate in Tech for Life hackaton. This event, supported by Google and Velcom (a leading local telecom provider, a part of A1 Telekom Austria Group) was dedicated to Health, Medicine and Ecology.

Invento team has been given a task to optimize the calculation of wood, harvested using manual chainsaws. As statistics show, over 10% of wood is lost during manual harvesting, due to incorrect accounting or theft; and there is no solution with satisfactory precision of calculation available at the moment.

“48 hours to find the solution for such a complicated problem was an exact challenge made for Invento team.“- said Ilya Babich, Invento Labs’ Solutions Architect- ”We have put together a multi-functional team of software engineers, business analysts, and mathematicians, and finally developed a fully functional working prototype/proof of concept for the system of timber accounting based on RFID tagging”.

“The solution we found would make an enormous difference when it comes to cost accounting and control of wood harvesting and transportation process. Money saved is money made, and for the entire local wood industry it means millions of dollars savings per year.”- added Nadezhda Ruchanova, CEO of Invento Labs,” Velcom was impressed enough with the outcome of Hackaton and proposed us to explore the opportunity to turn this POC into fully functional e-business application”.