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Active Cloud Digital Goods Store

Active Technologies, a leading IaaS provider, have decided to establish a new revenue stream by re-selling digital goods to their business clients over the Internet. As part of the requirements was a seamless integration with Active’s proprietary Cloud Management software, off-the-shelf packages didn’t suit.

Your Business is unique, so should your Business system!

ActiveCloud has engaged with Invento Labs to jointly build their B2B ecommerce system from ground up. Invento’s professionals teamed up with Active’s business, marketing and technical experts and rapidly developed a working prototype/proof-of-concept of the Digital Goods store.

Helping ActiveCloud introduce new sales channel

The goal of the project was to deliver an end-to-end business system that covers all aspects of on-line sales process- from digital goods catalogue to check-out  and payment process, including subscription engine, Paypal and local acquiring system ERIP integration, multi-tenancy, 3D security, basics analytics and BI system, to name but a few. Such a complex solution has been delivered within tight timeframe: MVP version has been delivered within 4 months and final solution has been rolled out 4 months consequently.

“We have selected Invento Labs as a supplier of our B2C ecommerce system for 2 reasons. Firstly, we had rewarding experience working with Invento previously, they know our business and understand our objectives. Secondly, Invento’s offer was the best value for money. We have obtained highly flexible system, fine-tuned to our unique business needs and seamlessly integrated with our core business systems.”- said  Pavel Hanchar,  Director of Active Technologies Limited.


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  • 220141, Kuprevicha Str. 1, block 1, Suite 923a, Minsk, Belarus

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