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DentPro Service Management System

DentPro, an Irish car service company with it’s innovative paintless car dents repair technology has made a strategic decision to introduce membership and franchise to support nation-wide expansion plans. A major part of business transformation strategy was the implementation of a software suite to automate most critical business processes. DentPro turned to Weblink Software, a  web development boutique with offices in Ireland and Poland, to design and develop DentPro software.

Joining forces to deliver

Meeting aggressive timeline without sacrificing highest quality, security and user experience standards was an exact challenge made for Weblink. To be able to cope, Weblink has invited Invento to augment project team with expert-level back-office Python/Django developers and a DB architect.

Overcoming distance

The project team was distributed between 3 locations: Ireland, Poland and Belarus. Using a refined distributed development methodology, supported by an online project tracking and collaboration software, the team was able to rapidly develop and deliver the Minimum Valuable Product version within the agreed timeframe.

“Quality of communications is a major success factor of any distributed project. We believe Invento Labs possess top-notch technical skills. But the communications is where they really stand out. They say what they do and do what they say, always proactive and honest.”- said  Gavan Tanham, Managing Director of Weblink Software.


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  • 220141, Kuprevicha Str. 1, block 1, Suite 923a, Minsk, Belarus

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