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Minsk, Belarus

What we do

Software Development

You can come up with a working prototype, wireframe model or just a conceptual idea: our Software Engineering Lab will assign a multi-functional team to structure, design, test and finally deliver the software that works.

Product Co-development

Invento helps you build your product from ground up or creates value added modules or applications to extend your offering. We create virtual extension of your in-house team by augmenting it with required skills and expertise.

Software Maintenance

Governed by SLA, our Support and Maintenance process leverages automation to optimize workflow and provide constant improvements through feedback. By introducing continuous enhancements, our service makes business processes more efficient.

Why Python

According to the TOBIE index, Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, ranking higher then Perl, Ruby, and JavaScript by a wide margin.

The following companies
rely on Python:

Fast Prototyping

Python enables us to quickly create working prototype/proof of concept application to “test-drive” your conceptual ideas. Variety of plug-ins and off-the-shelf packages, like re-usable patterns, scaffolding, to name but a few, provides significant saving of time and efforts.

Outstanding community support

Python developers community count millions of software developers, who inetract on-line and contribute to the enhancements of Python-based tools and instrumentation. The community contributed over 100,000 software modules to-date to an official Python Package Index, that can be leverage beyond our clients’ particular goals.

Seamless Integration with legacy systems

Python is interoperable with other programming ecosystems, making it easy to enhance legacy applications functionality without re-engineering of those applications.

Reduced TCO

Python is an open-source ecosystem. That means that you don’t need to payfor commercial licences, dramatically reducing Total Cost of Ownership of your software.

Why Choose Us

Refined Software Engineering Process

Refined by years of experience in Custom Software Development, our software engineering process collects and translates business requirements into software systems that works. This approach is supported by state-of-the-art software tools, design and development methodologies, and best delivery practices, including quality management and continuos delivery. 

Invento Project Management System is aimed to simplifying collaboration between distributed teams and, as a result, to delivering a quality service.

Flexible Engagement Model

We listen to Client, analyse their business and technical needs and offer various combination of pricing and development models. This can be an outcome-based pricing with waterfall-based development, or staffing-based pricing with Agile development, and so forth. One thing is assured: meeting Clients business objectives is a Must. 

Top-notch Technology Expertise

By bridging the artistic and the technical, cutting edge technologies  and talent we are able to deliver software that exceeds your expectation, on time and within budget. Our Software Engineering Lab members are encouraged to keep up with the latest technology trends, constantly learn new technologies and platforms and, as a result, we are able to offer the most suitable combination of tools and platform to achieve your objectives.

Part of our sigificant value add is that we already have sets of code and process components that can be leveraged beyond your project particular goals.

Technology expertise

Django, Odoo, Flask, Zope, Pyramid

Other languages/platforms
.NET, PHP, Java, Scala, C/C++/C#/Objective C, Symphony, Zend, Play!, Spring MVC,

Vue.js, backbone, jquery, ReactJS, AngularJS, Reactive.js

Xamarin, iOS, Android, Windows

``Test Drive`` our approach and delivery capabilities.

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  • Address : 220141, Kuprevicha Str. 1, block 1, Suite 923a, Minsk, Belarus
  • Phone : +375 17 395 28 26
  • Email :
  • 220141, Kuprevicha Str. 1, block 1, Suite 923a, Minsk, Belarus

  • +375 17 395 28 26


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