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The Island platform goes to user trials
Dec 10, 2014

The Island platform goes to user trials

The team of C-level marketers, strategists and technologies initiated an aggressive business to construct a new generation social network The Island. They were looking for a technology partner to design and develop a comprehensive platform.

Inventolabs have been selected based on social computing expertise and previous experience developing similar projects (incl. social choice PeoplePower system for a major Italian Management Consulting company Syn&rgetica and e-motional platform). The partners established architecture for The Island that is easy to maintain, allows rapid updates to promote site “freshness” and “stickiness”; and that handles volumes robustly, securely. User-centric GUI, built around HTML5, MVC- based approach and session/data- level failover formed a solid foundation for further system development. After 6 months of tense development the system had finally went beta and ready for user trials.

The  system will be announced world-wide in October 2013.