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The Way of New Technologies
Apr 13, 2018

The Way of New Technologies

Invento Labs became the main expert of the largest e-commerce conference. E-commerce Day takes place every year and gives a new direction for the development of trading. This year 600 entrepreneurs took part in the conference. They are founders, managers of marketplaces, specialists of online stores, delivery services, payment operators and companies providing services for e-commerce market participants. CEO of Invento Labs Nadezhda Ruchanova came out as the main speaker: “Search is not just text requests in the browser. Today, voice search technologies, image analysis, augmented reality are already available and are actively developing. It’s convenient and these methods will soon take up to 50% of search queries. You need to understand how to promote your products in this situation. Plus, analytics and targeting have become so good that soon the machines will understand each user’s needs as accurately as the shopkeepers know all their customers. Machines only need data, as much as possible. It’s important to get to know your customers the best they can. ” According to our expert assessment, all technological innovations belong to the B2B segment. The process of business purchases will soon not be different from private.  All purchases should be as simple, convenient and automatic as ordering a burger in McDonald’s.

You will find more cases, examples and other useful information about the digital destruction of the usual trading schemes in the Russian-language presentation:

The Invento Labs  team acted as a developer of presentations and analysis of the results of the study in the project: the figures reflect the main trends in the consumer demand of the Belarusian Internet making purchases.